Better Life at Blive

Learn and Grow With Us

We are a family that has been growing strong every day. People from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and genders are leading a career full of growth, learning, and opportunities. Our people are our backbone and center of everything we do. A right place for someone who loves creating, innovating, and inspiring. Who wants to lead a career with passion, build leadership skills and be a team player. Are you the one? Then Join us!

Family Feeling

Our employees are our family members. You always have a way to contribute to making this family grow strong. Every single member is loved equally and given importance to.


We organize workshops for the self-improvement of our family members. We have daily mediation sessions, weekly training sessions and monthly meetings to meet the need of our people.

Balanced Life

We believe in leading a balanced life at BLive. We make sure that our people are not restrained from excessive work overload, and have time to enjoy their lives with their family.

Growth Opportunities

Promotions, increments, competition, workshops, and certifications are some ways we provide growth opportunities to our loyal employees who give their unquestionable dedication to BLive.

Recognition and Appreciations

We make sure every single one of our team member is recognized for his/her efforts and given appreciations for the same. These recognization and appreciations boost self-confidence in our people.

Celebrating Life

We celebrate every occasion and festival. Birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals, national days and many more. We organize events and tours for our people to celebrate their performance.