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Development Process

Our development process is often less conspicuous, involving well-established and automated patterns of thinking. A disciplined process serves two main purposes: it helps the developers to better understand What is needed to be done, and it helps project managers to make more accurate predictions about how long a project will take.

Discussion on Requirements

We start with gathering the requirements of the projects. There is a dedicated Point of Contact, who is a subject matter expert to understand the exact requirements. The experts at Blive, initially discuss with you and understand your requirements from the end product. On every step of the development, the team stays in touch with you. These discussions result in well-maintained documents that help us with getting a clear vision for the project. With a clear understanding of requirements, we move to next step.

Research and Planning

Having clarity on requirements, the Research team at Blive researches and analyzes your expectations, the market trends, the competitors, the challenges and the resolutions. The research on best UI/UX practices for your particular business and industry gives us the upper hand from our competitors. They make sure that everything is in perfect shape for you as you go on with your final deliverable. After all, you and your success matters to us the most.

Design and Development

With well-documented requirements and researches, our brilliant Tech-team now starts working on the design and development of the project. The team is very efficient and professional with the deliverables. The tech-team is always in touch with the B-team and they are in sync during the development phases. This makes it feasible for you to communicate your suggestions and reviews as the development process goes on. The internal communication strengthens the Blive team and we are proud of it.

Testing and Approval

As we follow Agile methodology for the development process, we make sure that we communicate throughout the process with the client. After each step of development, the project goes through the testing phase. The testing is done in terms of Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Performance Testing.
After which we seek reviews and approval on the project deployment. Our agile methodology helps us to be able to make changes as required during the development and not after the completion of the project.

Deployment and Support

After complete testing and approval the Blive team now deploys your project. The team provides support for 4 weeks after the completion of the project, so you can get familiar and understand the workings of your project completely like the CMS, the database and the front end.