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Offshore Development Center

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Set Up An Offshore Development Center In India

Offshore Development Center is an extension of the in-house development team, which works well with the core competency of your organization. ODC can also be beneficiary for businesses that don’t have a core competency in IT development or maintenance. There are many benefits of an offshore development center for product development. BLive’s Offshore Development Center is carefully designed to help organizations with the development of large scale IT projects and provide maintenance and support for ongoing projects. In contrast to traditional outsourcing, ODC is a strategic partnership model to foster global agility and extend operations beyond borders.

Ready to use IT infrastructure

ODC model provides a ready to use IT infrastructure so that your organization can instantly start development of project without having to spend time on recruiting and managing the resources. While you are focusing on core competence of business, your ODC takes care of IT requirements like Online Presence (Website), Content Management, CRM integrations, Software Development, Application Development and Software Integration. A dedicated ODC ensures smooth operation of IT tasks, which will be traditionally done by a separate IT team.

Cost Savings

With a well-managed ODC, your organization can expect to reduce the IT development and management cost by 40-60% depending on the requirements of services. India is a hub of IT professionals and getting a team of experts to work on your projects is an additional benefit. If you opt to offshore development center in India as an extended business process, you are reducing costs and gaining access to diverse and top talent, who are available to you according to your unique project requirements.

Knowledge Retention

BLive is a professional IT ODC service provider ensure that the knowledge shared during the course of partnership is kept within the center, even if there is a change of staff. The flow of the project is also ensured. Even if there is an employee crisis or any other organizational changes. Because we are true to the promise of delivering results. ODCs also decrease the risk of project abandonment and in-completions. BLive web solutions have been working with many clients all over the globe who come from diverse industries, thus having an extensive experience in software development for different industries. This experience of the team helps in understanding of different business needs of the project.

Dedicated Team

In BLive’s ODC model you engage with professionals who are dedicated to making your project a success. This dedicated team is something you can count on. You can modify, adjust and customize the kind of expertise you are looking for. The dedicated team reports to your account manager about your project. Anytime you need extra expertise, you just need to ask and your ODC service provider arranges for you.

Faster Development

The best thing about working with an ODC service provider like BLive is tight deadlines. You set a deadline and you can count on your dedicated team of IT professionals to meet that deadline. The main responsibility of an ODc is to recruit top talent and utilize these resources according to the needs of clients. Faster turnaround time for IT operations gives organization the shorter time to market and stay ahead of competitions. The faster the development the better the results. ODC also provides flexibility to large projects which have varying requirements over time. Thus saving time in making adjustments. Offshore development center in India, can give you an advantage of time-zone as well, the project deadline will be around 12 hours earlier for the team.

Complete Control and Confidentiality

Unlike traditional outsourcing model, Offshore Development Center business model gives a complete control to the client over the management of projects and quality of work. ODC is just an extension of an in-house team, so your critical information about projects are kept confidential if required. The managed infrastructure ensures complete control of the speed of development and project output to the client. The project manager from client team and account manager on BLive team keep a managed flow of control among their team members at their respective sides.

Constant Communication and Reports

Constant communication is a key of BLive’s ODc model, because we believe any problem can be solved by great communication. We ensure a constant communication among core stakeholders of the projects to avoid misunderstanding. The communication channels are of choice of stack holder like video and audio call, Jira, or Slack. Intensive projects are generated and documented for better understanding among teams.