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Our Engagement Models

We provide three different engagement models, to ensure successful implementation of project development process and goals. We are highly client oriented in our approach for engagement. We have experts who can customize these engagement models for the clients according to their requirements. We focus on client satisfaction and transparency as highest priority.


Fixed Price Contract

This is a single sum contract in which we agree to work on a project on the fixed cost that is set in the contract. The client needs to b able to share his clear expectations from the project outcomes and timeline. The fixed-price contract is effective to use when the client has clear requirements and determined deadlines, fixed budgets, and MVPs. This contract is ideal for small projects with a limited project scope. This requires minimum involvement from the clients. The payments are based on the percentage of work that has been done.


Time and Material Contract

If you are looking for a team to manage and deliver a long term project with uncertain or dynamic requirements and uncertain deadlines than this engagement model is perfect for you. The pricing of the project will be decided based on hours spent on developing the project and resources required to work. This model has advantages of flexibility and opportunity to adjust project requirements, shift directions and replace features. The project manager works closely with the client on the planning of project sprints and executing the development process.



This model is ideal for you if you are looking for a quick MVP or small project development requirement. You will get a dedicated account manager who will be communicating your requirements to the developer and keep track of project development. The Kanban can be followed using Jira. You will have the flexibility to increase the number of developers working on your project whenever needed.

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