December 20, 2019

Why Progressive Web Apps Are Important For Magento Sites?

PWAs have been the talk of the technology town lately. It was first used and introduced by Google in 2015. With around 68% of internet users accessing it through their mobile devices, it is obvious that attention will be given to these mobile users. E-commerce businesses who have advanced mobile apps for their business along with website, stand more chances to win customers. But one of the limitations of mobile technology is- ‘limited storage’. Due to this limitation, users don’t prefer to install bulky apps on their phones. This problem has a solution, which is called ‘Progressive Web App’. Let’s dive into it further and understand what is a PWA anyway.

What is the Progressive Web app?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website in a sense, but it has features of a mobile app. It can be installed on mobile devices and accesses just like a mobile app. But unlike a mobile app, PWA doesn’t need to be downloaded from the Play Store or any app store. PWAs are not limited to mobile devices, they can be installed on desktops too. So, PWAs are progressive versions of a website, which looks and feels like an app, which can be installed on your device, for faster access and better user experience.

What are the features of a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app can do everything precisely a native app can do. The progressive technology of PWA can perform every action which was typically reserved for a native app, like, accessing the camera, the microphone, Fingerprint sensor, GPS, file usability and so. PWA is easily accessible and free from downtime and errors. Unlike native apps, the PWAs don’t consume too much battery power and mobile data. PWAs can also send push notifications like native apps, so users don’t miss any offer from you.

What are the benefits of PWAs for Magento e-commerce sites?

So far, we have understood what is a PWA and what are its features. Now, let’s look into its benefit for a Magento eCommerce website for their business:

  • Advantages of M-commerce at lower cost

mobile commerce at lower cost
Who is actually into the online retail industry, understands the value of being able to reach the mobile user Millenials in the best way possible. And the race of providing the best omnichannel user experience to their users it real among e-commerce businesses. In this competition, websites that have PWAs, are likely to win. Because
PWAs are way cheaper than native apps.
PWAs have way better user experience than native apps.

  • Omnichannel experience across devices

omnichannel experience across devices
PWAs are not limited to mobile devices. This stands true and valid. PWAs can be installed and accessible across all kinds of devices and platforms. The user can access a PWA from a web browser, add the app to the mobile home screen, add the app tp their desktops and tablet. The PWAs break the limits of the native apps. And the best thing is PWAs have a consistent look and feel across all devices. This is the best way to give an omnichannel experience to your user.

  • No need for extra SEO

seo for pwa
When you decide to develop a PWA for your Magento website, you need not worry about the effect of PWA on SEO. The site remains SEO optimized and there is no need for extra effort to rank the site. The search algorithm has not identified or introduced any specific SEO requirements for PWAs. The crawlers crawl through your PWA the same as it would crawl through any other website.

  • Faster and offline access

The PWAs have a very useful feature, which is lacking in websites is that PWAs can work offline as well. May be limited to some features, but most of the data cached using service workers, so the important data is available offline when needed. With the strategic use of data catching, it can minimize the use of data and work faster. For an eCommerce website, the user can view the order data and wishlist data without data using PWAs. Native apps also allow offline access, but PWAs are faster and lighter than the native apps in this way.

  • Push notification for increased engagement

push notification for increased engagement

Just like native apps, PWAs allow sending push notifications to the user, once it is installed on the device. This gives an advantage to the eCommerce business, as they have a constant communication channel to engage their users. By sending offers and order tracking information using push notification in PWAs, businesses can increase conversations. Push notifications are one of the best practices for driving user engagements.

Best Things about PWAs:

  • No Play Store or App Store Submission Required

One of the most painful things about native apps is the app store submission and acceptance of the app.


  • Secure Shopping Experience

PWAs have a very short length of codes compared to native applications, so there is less chance of security breaches. The lightweight of PWA is also an advantage in terms of the security of user data. Most of the browsers allow users to manage their security concerns. So users can more actively choose the kind of interaction that they want with the app. The PWAs are also secure in the sense that, it’s users’ device account that has all permissions to access the app, not the app itself. So, your users are sure that they are secure and can trust you with their data. What can be better than a secure shopping experience?


  • Improvement in Logistics

Web developers can use the Magento studio for building apps for store associates, so they can access the inventory with the convenience of their mobile device. The associates can check the availability for the items and related information on the go. This feature in Magento PWAs can revolutionize the sales and logistics process.

Cons of PWAs

The PWAs are facing some issues on iOS. Apple is still taking the time to solve these issues. The websites which qualify as PWAs are still finding it hard to get the website/PWA icon on the home screen of iOS. The PWA reloads every time the user visits the app back from home or any other app. Also, iOS is facing trouble with sending push notifications from some PWAs. Apple is working on making it a better user experience, but that is yet in the future.


Making your Magento website into a PWA can be a very important and strategic step towards the success of your online retail business. Fully understanding benefits, pros and cons of this wonderful technology of the future of mobile apps can actually help you. If you are not sure whether it could be beneficial for your unique business ides, get a consultant to answer your questions. If you are a consultant and you think your clients can leverage this wonderful technology for their e-commerce success, you should consider discussing the technicality of this technology with the best Magento developers.

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